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Smyler's Farm is a small farm located in Hudson, NY. We are young farmers growing organic vegetables, herbs and flowers. We enjoy being in nature and providing our customers with healthy food.


Our farm is not only organic but sustainable. For example, we avoid nearly all fossil-fuel usage by not using a tractor, and selling and buying as locally as possible. We go to any length we can to be as sustainable as possible in all our farm methods.

When you buy our pick-your-own produce or attend a

home-made fresh fruit "jamming jam" you will support the local economy, protect the environment from pollution, and learn more about how to produce even some of your own excellent foods. We believe the solution to our current environmental and economic problems are local small scale sustainable farms. 


We offer workshops and lessons focused on local sustainable living methods, fitness, and farm skills in addition to produce. This will allow you to enjoy fresh air, exercise, adventure, and education!


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